You can access your student email from any browser on any network. Simply head to and enter in your Neumont credentials (with the domain included: STUDENT\username) to gain access to your outlook inbox.
If you already have an Outlook account created you will need to add the account by selecting the "Mail (32-bit)" category from your control panel and selecting "Show Profiles":
From there you will need to "Add" a new profile:
When creating this account you will need to set it up manually, as shown below:
Email account creation
You will need to select what type of account you want to set up. We want a "Microsoft Exchange Server or compatible service".
Selecting which type of service you wish to use
When setting up your account you will want to put for the server location and your Neumont username in the field below:
Email user credentials
The final step is typically the part where the process fails. When you have entered in the server and username information you will want to "Check name", this will contact the exchange server to verify your information. A pop-up box will appear and you will need to enter in your credentials. Make sure you have the proper domain information included in the username field (STUDENT\username). This is necessary because your machine is not actively connected to the domain, so it will attempt to authenticate against your local machine, which will not work. Once the authentication completes click "Finish".

Finally make sure to set the exchange account you just created as the default profile for Outlook to use:
Yes you can. You have a few options when setting up your email account.
  1. IMAP over TLS - generally preferred over POP3
    • IMAP server is
    • Incoming user id use your NUID - firstinitallastname, i.e jdoe
    • Deafult port for IMAP using TLS is 143
  2. POP3 over TLS - highly recommend to select "keep copy of email on server"
    • POP3 server is
    • Incoming user id use your NUID - firstinitallastname, i.e jdoe
    • Deafult port for POP3 using TLS is 110
  3. Sending mail through IMAP or POP3 requires using SMTP over TLS
    • SMTP server is
    • requires username password to authenticate for sending, use your NUID firstinitiallastname, i.e. jdoe
    • Default port for SMTP over TLS is 587
I'm not getting any emails in my Outlook inbox
  • This is common issue if you configure an email client (like GMail) and forget to tell the client "Leave emails on Server." If you don't specify this setting it will download all of your emails and then remove them from the server. Once GMail is configured it will check every few minutes and download the new emails and remove them
I can't send emails
  • Neumont's email servers will only accept emails from the address if it is sent from our own servers. This means you have to configure your email client to send emails using our SMTP server
Once you graduate from Neumont, you will be given a Neumont alumni account that will have all your emails from your original student account forwarded to it. You will recieve an email with instructions on how to utilize the alumni account 3 weeks after your official graduation date. 3 Months after your graduation date, your student email account will be purged and deleted, so you will want to make sure that you have moved any emails off of that account and into your alumni account.