New Students

Requiring a specific make and model of laptop has a few key advantages. First, it helps Neumont support your hardware quickly and efficiently. We handle all standard warranty service on-campus at no extra cost, which saves valuable time for our students. Second, having a large fleet of a specific model allows us to quickly gather data and apply fixes if needed to a large population. Lastly, it ensures consistency among students in the classroom learning process.
Your laptop will be ordered as you complete your final enrollment steps.
All laptops will be issued to new students during New Student Orientation, which is a day or so prior to the first day of class.
Students cannot purchase their Neumont laptop through Lenovo's website. In order to ensure standardization of the model for consistency in the classroom and facilitating efficient support, Neumont orders all laptops for new students as a part of the enrollment process.
Neumont has a limited number of service loaner laptops available for rental on a first-come first-served basis. The daily rental fee is $5 ($35 per week). These rental charges will be placed on your student account. You may rent one of our service loaners until your laptop arrives. For more information please contact Financial aid.
Feel free to install anything you want, but remember: the laptop is supposed to be a reliable tool for your education, not a portable extreme gaming machine. If you install a bunch of junk on it, your computer might take longer to start Visual Studio than an old x386! We can't list every application that you can/can't install, but keep in mind it is a tool, not a toy.
You will receive your Neumont network login (called a NUID) and email address during new student orientation. Your NUID is generally first initial + last name. Student email addresses are generally in the format of first initial + last name at For instance, Gordon Freeman would have the NUID gfreeman and the email address If another gfreeman already exists in our system, Gordon's NUID would be created as gofreeman (first two letters of first name + last name).