Software and Services

All software products are obtained through the Neumont software portal located at, you will need to use your Neumont issued credentials to log in.

Some classes require the use of a project server to fullfill classroom needs. If you need to request a project server, send an email, with your teacher CC'd, to with the following information:

  • Your name
  • What class
  • Teacher's name
  • If this server is for a group of students, please include the names of the students in the group
  • Which version of Windows Server you will need (2008 or 2012)
    • An Ubuntu server is optional if you wish to use a Linux based OS, however support for the server will be limited and any additional requests (such as a Tomcat/OpenSSH server) will need to be included in the original server request
  • Any special ports you will need open, note that some ports are open by default: 80-http, 22-ssh, and 443-https
Once the project server has been created, you will be responsible for maintaining the server as well as backing up information. If you have any particular questions about the project server that your teacher cannot answer, feel free to include them in the email. At the end of every quarter project servers are purged, so if you have any information you want to keep make sure to pull it off before the quarter is over. Please allow up to 3 business days for the request to be fulfilled.

Canvas, our Learning Management System

You can check your email on any browser using Outlook Web Access (OWA)

On the Neumont Degree Website you can track your progress towards obtaining your degree, look at your graduation plan, print an unofficial transcript, and more.

Use the Neumont Student Portal to register for classes, make tuition payments, and more.

Access Teacher Evaluation Forms for your current classes.

Request and mail your Official Neumont Transcript via the National Student Clearinghouse. To quickly obtain an unofficial transcript, visit the Neumont Degree Website.
Neumont offers students current software for free through Dreamspark. Products from Microsoft, such as Windows operating systems and individual Microsoft Office programs will not cost you any money to download and use. You will have to have valid Neumont credentials to get access to the software offered at Dreamspark, below is a few of the programs available to be downloaded.

Dreamspark software
Once you have logged in and decided which software you want to download you will be free to do so. Each download will give you an invoice that contains information such as serial keys you will need to fully install the product.
Another tool that Neumont has to offer students free software is Computer Discount Warehouse (CDW). CDW is similar to Dreamspark, but you can also purchase other software for educational pricing. Once you log into the Neumont software portal through you will have access to a different range of software. Some examples below:

CDW software
When trying to add software to your cart, if it is your first time to the website you will probably run into this error:

CDW registration error
You will need to create an account that will be tied to your Neumont University email address. Enter in all the requested information, and you will recieve an email to verify your account. Once the account has been created you will be able to download and install the software you want.
You can now set up your own Jetbrains account using your student email to obtain a licensed copy of Resharper and IntelliJ. Head here to create your account, and make sure to sign up using your Neumont issued student email. Once you have created an account, follow the instructions given to download the software. If you have any issues or questions please email
Under Neumont College of Computer Science's MSDNAA licensing agreement with Microsoft, you may continue using the software you have downloaded from after you graduate from Neumont University. Please note that this applies only to Microsoft MSDNAA software (which does not include Microsoft Office). The conditions on the use of this software are:
  • You must download the software while you are still an active student at Neumont College of Computer Science
  • It may only be used for personal (non-commercial/non-business) use
  • When you are no longer taking credit courses at Neumont College of Computer Science, you may no longer download/order MSDNAA software. However, you may continue to use previously downloaded products on your computer, provided you continue to follow MSDNAA program guidelines
Any software that you want to "take with you" (including Microsoft Windows) needs to be downloaded from and copied off to your personal media before the last day of class. Remember that your laptop's copy of Microsoft Windows will stop working within approximately 30 days of graduation. Keep in mind that some titles are available either by downloading the ISO file (free) or by purchasing a box set for a minimal fee.